Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Naughty Boy

I have been a very naughty boy. Ma'am gave me strict instructions not to touch myself or cum without her permission but I just couldn't control myself and I came in my diapers the other night. I told Ma'am right away what I had done and how I had let her down. She told me that I am to be locked into a chastity device until further notice when she gives me permission to remove it. I am to wear it under my diapers.

The chastity device I got has a belt on it that goes around my waist and a plastic cover which slides over my cock and prevents me from getting hard and from touching myself. There is a small hole in the end so that I can still urinate which means that I will be able to wear it and continue to wet my diapers. Ma'am instructed me to send her a picture of myself wearing it.

I told her that I would not send her a picture and Ma'am is very disapointed in me. I have let her down and I feel terrible about it. Ma'am won't let me forget this though as she said she'd notify me when she has a punishment which is appropriate to the circumstances. I have a feeling that when the punishment is over I will be left feeling very humiliated and very sorry. But I do deserve it and I'm aware of that.

So until she gives me my punishment and allows me to remove my chastity device, which I have a feeling won't be for a long time, I will be unable to touch msyelf or get hard. Which is making me feel just like a baby boy that deserves nothing but to be humiliated in his diapers like the naughty boy that I am. It also makes sure I know that even though it is my cock I am no longer in charge of it. Ma'am is.

-Diaper Boy

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Deserved It

I did something I shouldn't have, I asked Ma'am if I could have her permission to cum but I told her that I "deserved it". Needless to say I was out of line and Ma'am was sure to let me know. She told me the only thing that I deserved was a punishment. She was absolutely correct. That's all I do deserve.

For my punishment I inserted a suppository laxative and went to stand with my nose in the corner wearing just a diaper and t-shirt. Ma'am told me I had to stay in the corner for an hour with my nose against the wall. I left the curtains open but I don't know if I was seen by anyone or not. I was in the corner about twenty minutes when the laxative took effect and I messed my diaper and was left to stand in it thinking about what a naughty boy I had been.

After my hour was up I was certainly feeling like a very sorry boy but I knew I'd have to stay in my diaper another hour. I ended up wetting it during this time as well. I didn't watch tv or play with my toys I just sat in my room and thought about what I had done. I was worried if I was playing I may be punished worse considering a punishment shouldn't be enjoyable.

I waited an hour before changing into a fresh diaper.

I developed some mild diaper rash as well from being in my messy diaper for so long. But I deserve it...and it's the only thing that I do deserve.

I've learned my lesson. I don't derserve to cum, I only deserve to be in diapers and to serve Ma'am. That's all I derserve and the last one is more of an honour on my part then anything. I'm honoured that Ma'am let's me serve her.

My bottom is still slightly tender from the diaper rash of being in a messy diaper which is serving as a constant reminder as to who is in charge, and just what I really am deserving of. It's also a reminder of what happens when I misbehave which I'll try not to do again.

-Diaper Boy

Monday, May 3, 2010

Taking A Nap

I lost contact with Ma'am but I'm very happy to say we've been in contact with each other. I really did miss her and I feel so happy knowing that I can make her proud of me as a result of my diaper humiliation. Thank you Ma'am.

Ma'am gave me the day off but with one instruction, I wasn't allowed to change my diaper until it leaked. I had just diapered myself and applied some powder when she told me this so the timing couldn't have been better. She also instructed me to go take a nap like the little baby I am and to insert a suppository laxative before my nap.

I thought that a nice warm bottle of milk would help me fall asleep so I warmed one up and then went to insert the laxative. I layed in bed drinking my bottle until I finished every last drop like all good diaper boys should. I then put my pacifier in my mouth and with Stanley in my arms and a big smile on my face I fell asleep. I woke up about an hour later to the warmth of a freshly messed diaper. I knew that Ma'am would be proud of me for messing my diaper like she ordered so I thought that maybe I would go up to the store and buy some candy. What better of a reward could there be for a boy in diapers then candy? hehehe

I put on some pants and left my room and my parents had left a message on the phone asking if I could mow the lawn. So I went and put on some tight track pants which clearly showed off my diaper buldge and I left some of it exposed above the waist band before going outside to mow the lawn. The candy would have to wait. While I was mowing the lawn my neighbours older daughter came outside I waved at her as she went to her car and she waved back but not before I noticed the weird look on her face and following her gaze I realised that she was staring at my buldging diapered bottom. She got in her car and drove away while I continued to mow the lawn totally red-faced at the thought that she knew I was diapered.

I finally finished mowing the lawn but not before wetting my diaper from drinking that large bottle of milk before my nap. I knew my diaper wouldn't be able to hold much more. I put the mower away and finally was able to head up the street to go to the store to buy some candy. I got in the store and picked out some licorice, caramels, and gummy bears. As I was walking home I had an unbearable urge to wet my diaper. I tried to make it home but I didn't quite get there before I totally flooded my diaper causing it to leak. I was so humiliated as I walked the rest of the way home.

Thankfully no one seen me but rest assured I was red-faced the entire way and at every sound I heard my heart skipped a beat to think that someone would see me in my wet pants with my diaper buldge obvious and a bit of the diaper sticking out of my pants. When I got home I changed into a clean diaper and washed my pants while I sat on the floor with Stanley and enjoyed my candy. :)

Ma'am sure does know how to give me a day off. hehe

I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Public Humiliation

Last night Ma'am gave me permission to cum, which was nice as I haven't done so for a few days. I'm not allowed to without her permission and since I had been a naughty boy I figured I had best not ask. I was good yesterday and Ma'am thought so too so I was rewarded. I wasn't allowed to actually touch myself though so I had to rub myself through my diaper untile I came. It was amazing!

Ma'am also gave me a new task to do for today and one that left me very humiliated to say the least. I had to go to the mall in a pair of tight shorts and walk around. Since I'm now diapered 24/7 this meant that the buldge of my diapered bottom would be exteremely noticable to anyone who happened to look at me. I made the mistake though of having two bottles of warm when I woke up which I would pay for later. I changed into a fresh diaper and put my shorts on and was ready to head to the mall. I had some time to waste until the mall opened so I sat on the floor and watched Sesame Street until it was time to go.

I didn't think I would need an extra diaper so I didn't pack one. I walked out to the bus stop in my shorts with my diapered bottom buldging. I didn't really pass anyone and was feeling alright about it until I got to the bus stop and there was about four people waiting there. I stood there with them and it wasn't long before one of them took notice of my padded bottom. I could see out of the corner of my eye that all of them were staring at me. Thankfully the bus came and I borded, red faced, as I dropped my money into the box. As my luck would have it, the bus was full! Which meant I had to stand, which also means that I couldn't sit down and hide the bulk of the diaper I was wearing. I could hear snickers and I seen some people motioning to the person beside them to look at me.

I was totally humiliated by the time I got to the mall and I hadn't even done the task yet. I entered the mall and was only just in the door when I felt the urge to wet. I slowly wet my diaper as I made my way to the food court. I got a Coke figuring maybe I wouldn't look as strange...in my mind I guess I figured that maybe someone would focus in on the Coke bottle instead of my diapered state. It didn't work. After I ordered my Coke I turned to find everyone in line smiling at me. I smiled back and then noticed that the girls that worked at the restaurant I bought the coke at were all giggling as well.

I walked through the mall browsing various stores and looking at things. I didn't buy anything and while I was walking through the mall I passed by a group of teenage girls who looked like they were skipping school as they still had their uniforms on. They also were laughing at me and I could hear them say things like "Oh my God! That guy's wearing a diaper! Look!". My face was absolute crimson and I wasn't at the mall very long. Remember those two warm bottles of milk? Well all that Coke and milk I drank cought up to me and I had already wet my diaper three times but I wasn't really paying attention and I had forgot to bring extra diapers to change into. I was browsing through a cd store when it happened. I wet my diaper which was already totally soaked from the earlier wettings and it started to leak.

I hurried out of the store and ended up totally flooding my diaper which leaked out and made a noticeable wet mark on my shorts. As if I wasn't humiliated enough, I was at the totally opposite end of the mall and I had no way to get home but to walk through the mall to get to the bus stop located on the other side and ride the bus home with my wet shorts and soggy diaper. Now people were really starting to stare and I tried not to walk to fast not wanting to draw any more attention then I already was. It was like everyone in the mall was laughing at me as I paraded past with my face fire-engine red.

I got outside at the right time and didn't have to wait for a bus as there was one there. I quickly boreded and I stood by the back of the bus. Not wanting to make a mess of the seats with my wet pants and soggy diaper. Plus I knew that if I sat down more would leak out of my diaper. While I was standing there on the bus I was fighting the urge to mess the entire time. I finally couldn't hold it any longer and I ended up messing my diaper on the bus. My diaper buldge was now sagging even more because I had messed and I heard someone say "I think he had an accident" and then as I got off the bus I heard "Oh my God!! He shit himself too!" followed by more laughter.

I walked home from the bus stop feeling totally disgraced and humiliated. I got home and changed into a fresh diaper and my shorts are in the wash right now as I type this. I just hope that Ma'am will be pleased with how much she humiliated me today in public.

I can still feel my face blushing as I type this out. I don't have a mirror here but my face is probably beat red at the moment. But deep down I love it. I love knowing that I did it for Ma'am and I'm hoping that I've pleased her and done well.

-Diaper Boy

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update For Tuesday - Fantastic Day!

I didn't update my blog last night as I wasn't at home to do so. But let me start at the beginning...

Yesterday Ma'am said I had been a good boy and could have the day off but I had to be diapered. She has also ordered me to be diapered 24/7 which I'm quite enjoying and is what is best for me. Yesterday morning when I woke up I powdered and diapered myself and knew that this would be the start of my life being constantly diapered. It was a great feeling!

I ended up hanging out with a friend for a while but I wore baggy pants and I don't think he noticed my diaper. It was great being able to hear my diaper rustle softly as I went about my day. We ate lunch together and I had a huge smile on my face as I sat on my chair. I love the feeling of being diapered. Thank you Ma'am for having me diapered 24/7.

Before he dropped me off back at my house I asked to use his bathroom and I went and grabbed my backpack where I had packed my powder and some spare diapers. I was quite wet by this point and needed changing. So I set up a small blanket which I brought with me to use as a changing mat. I then layed on it and changed into a fresh diaper.I put my old one into a plastic bag and put it back in my bag to throw out when I got home.

When I got home I decided to go do some shopping before band practice. I went over to a local dollar store to buy some things. While I was there I bought a stuffed teddy bear I named Stanley, a bottle, a new pacifier, and since Ma'am said I was such a good boy I thought I would treat myself and I bought some of those little green plastic army men. I went back home and I knew no one would be home for a while so I sat at the kitchen table in just my diaper and a t-shirt and put Stanley on the opposite side. I then warmed up a bottle of milk and sat there drinking it while I played army men with Stanley. I then put my pacifier in my mouth after I was done drinking my bottle and continued to play.

I messed my diaper shortly after finishing my bottle while I was sucking my pacifier and playing with Stanley. I was so into playing that I lost track of time until I heard my mom's key in the door. I was still sitting at the table in my messy diaper so I quickly scooped up my bottle, army men and Stanley (I had already put away the new pacifier and my old one was in my mouth) and I ran into my room. I just closed my door and I heard my mom enter the house. I called out "Hello" to her and then I changed my diaper on my bed. I put my pants back on and went out to give my mom a hug. I was slightly nervous because when she got me her hands were low on my back and I was worried she would feel the top of my diaper sticking over the waistband of my pants. Luckily she didn't but it gave me a bit of a scare.

Later that evening I went to band practice but not before wishing Ma'am a great night. When I got to band practice we played for a while and I ended up wetting my diaper during practice. It went really well and we jammed quite a bit. I ended up sleeping over at the one guys house and I kind of figured that might happen so I packed my bag with a spare diaper, powder, my pacifier, and I brought Stanley :)

When I got back to his house I went to sleep in the room he told me to and I changed into clean diaper before falling asleep. I slept in just my diaper with my pacifier in my mouth while I cuddled with Stanley. I slept like a baby, not just in the way I was dressed but I had probably the most relaxing sleep I've ever had. I think sleeping with a pacifier is the best thing in the world. And of course Stanley helps too!

When I woke up my diaper was quite wet but not to the point of leaking and then my friend dropped me off at my house. I didn't have an extra diaper so I had to wear my wet one until I got home. I just changed out of it and now I'm updating this for yesterday while I suck my pacifier and Stanley is sitting on the desk keeping me company.

I can't wait until Ma'am comes home to see what she has planned for me today!

-Diaper Boy

Monday, March 8, 2010

Punished Again

Ma'am punished me again today. It's totally my fault though, she gave me a five hundred word report to do by 7pm Est. time yesterday. I didn't have it finished in time and I submitted it very late. I knew that I was going to be punished for it and having that thought sitting at the back of my head really made for a rough day. When I got home I knew Ma'am would have a punishment waiting for me. And did she ever.

I had to insert a Q-tip into the hole of my penis as punishment for not submitting the report on time. I had thought that the pain from the toothpaste burning my bottom was bad but this had me almost begging to be able to do the toothpaste punishment over again ten times instead of this. I did it though as I knew that I really did deserve it.

I was however quite pleased with myself knowing that Ma'am was proud of me for wetting my diaper to the point that it leaked and I ended up wetting my pajamas and bed. I love pleasing Ma'am and it was great having her tell me how proud she was of me. It made me feel better after the pain of my punishment. It really did put me in a great mood for the rest of the night. Thank you Ma'am.

After my punishment I powdered myself and put on a fresh diaper before pulling on some pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. I watchted some tv in my room for a while and I ended up messing my diaper. I'm sitting in it as I type this because I know that Ma'am would want it that way. I'm also bouncing softly on my bottom as I sit on my chair in my messy diaper which is making me into a very messy boy as I type. I know that if Ma'am were here with me right now I would be typing this standing up and she would be behind me spanking my bottom with my messy diaper on and rubbing the mess into me while scolding me the entire time. Unfortunately she can't be here with me so I hope that my bouncing will be a suitable subsititute in her mind.

I'm about to finish this blog and I just wanted to say I'm being sent to bed and I'm to sleep in just a diaper with my pacifier in my mouth and nothing else. I'm also to spend the entire day tomorrow diapered.

It should be interesting.

I'm tired so I'm going to end this blog here and go change into a fresh diaper, go to bed and suck on my pacifier until I fall asleep. Good Night!

-Diaper Boy

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Humiliating Punishment

Last night after failing to follow orders and mess my diaper in the restaurant Miss ordered me to put toothpaste on my bottom and to wear my diaper to bed and wet it until it can't hold anymore. After I was done chatting with her I wished Ma'am a very good night and went to put the toothpaste on my bottom. I knew better then to only put a small amount as Ma'am wouldn't be impressed and would only punish me worse the next night so I put a fair amount. I then diapered myself and drank five large glasses of water before going to bed.

As I lay there trying to fall asleep the toothpaste was working its magic and causing a most discomforting burning sensation on the sensitive parts of my bottom. I had put on so much that it hurt to the point that I was starting to wimper, not wanting to wake anyone I put my pacifier in my mouth and laid in bed sucking and wimpering into my pacifier. I had nothing to do but lay there and think about how naughty I'd been for disobeying Ma'am while my burning bottom reminded me of the consequences of those types of actions. I wet my diaper and then dozed off to sleep.

When I awoke my bottom was still quite sore and tender from the previous nights toothpaste and I'm sure Ma'am wouldn't have it any other way. It was then that I realised that I had wet so much in the night that my diaper had leaked. My pajamas were soaked and I had also left a nice wet spot in the bed as well. I changed out of my wet diaper and pajamas and put on some clean boxers and pajamas and went downstairs totally red-faced as I had to explain to my family that I had an accident in the night and wet the bed. My face was still crimson as I carried my wet pajamas and bedding downstairs to be washed.

Needless to say I was a very, very sorry boy this morning.

-Diaper Boy