Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update For Tuesday - Fantastic Day!

I didn't update my blog last night as I wasn't at home to do so. But let me start at the beginning...

Yesterday Ma'am said I had been a good boy and could have the day off but I had to be diapered. She has also ordered me to be diapered 24/7 which I'm quite enjoying and is what is best for me. Yesterday morning when I woke up I powdered and diapered myself and knew that this would be the start of my life being constantly diapered. It was a great feeling!

I ended up hanging out with a friend for a while but I wore baggy pants and I don't think he noticed my diaper. It was great being able to hear my diaper rustle softly as I went about my day. We ate lunch together and I had a huge smile on my face as I sat on my chair. I love the feeling of being diapered. Thank you Ma'am for having me diapered 24/7.

Before he dropped me off back at my house I asked to use his bathroom and I went and grabbed my backpack where I had packed my powder and some spare diapers. I was quite wet by this point and needed changing. So I set up a small blanket which I brought with me to use as a changing mat. I then layed on it and changed into a fresh diaper.I put my old one into a plastic bag and put it back in my bag to throw out when I got home.

When I got home I decided to go do some shopping before band practice. I went over to a local dollar store to buy some things. While I was there I bought a stuffed teddy bear I named Stanley, a bottle, a new pacifier, and since Ma'am said I was such a good boy I thought I would treat myself and I bought some of those little green plastic army men. I went back home and I knew no one would be home for a while so I sat at the kitchen table in just my diaper and a t-shirt and put Stanley on the opposite side. I then warmed up a bottle of milk and sat there drinking it while I played army men with Stanley. I then put my pacifier in my mouth after I was done drinking my bottle and continued to play.

I messed my diaper shortly after finishing my bottle while I was sucking my pacifier and playing with Stanley. I was so into playing that I lost track of time until I heard my mom's key in the door. I was still sitting at the table in my messy diaper so I quickly scooped up my bottle, army men and Stanley (I had already put away the new pacifier and my old one was in my mouth) and I ran into my room. I just closed my door and I heard my mom enter the house. I called out "Hello" to her and then I changed my diaper on my bed. I put my pants back on and went out to give my mom a hug. I was slightly nervous because when she got me her hands were low on my back and I was worried she would feel the top of my diaper sticking over the waistband of my pants. Luckily she didn't but it gave me a bit of a scare.

Later that evening I went to band practice but not before wishing Ma'am a great night. When I got to band practice we played for a while and I ended up wetting my diaper during practice. It went really well and we jammed quite a bit. I ended up sleeping over at the one guys house and I kind of figured that might happen so I packed my bag with a spare diaper, powder, my pacifier, and I brought Stanley :)

When I got back to his house I went to sleep in the room he told me to and I changed into clean diaper before falling asleep. I slept in just my diaper with my pacifier in my mouth while I cuddled with Stanley. I slept like a baby, not just in the way I was dressed but I had probably the most relaxing sleep I've ever had. I think sleeping with a pacifier is the best thing in the world. And of course Stanley helps too!

When I woke up my diaper was quite wet but not to the point of leaking and then my friend dropped me off at my house. I didn't have an extra diaper so I had to wear my wet one until I got home. I just changed out of it and now I'm updating this for yesterday while I suck my pacifier and Stanley is sitting on the desk keeping me company.

I can't wait until Ma'am comes home to see what she has planned for me today!

-Diaper Boy

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