Thursday, March 11, 2010

Public Humiliation

Last night Ma'am gave me permission to cum, which was nice as I haven't done so for a few days. I'm not allowed to without her permission and since I had been a naughty boy I figured I had best not ask. I was good yesterday and Ma'am thought so too so I was rewarded. I wasn't allowed to actually touch myself though so I had to rub myself through my diaper untile I came. It was amazing!

Ma'am also gave me a new task to do for today and one that left me very humiliated to say the least. I had to go to the mall in a pair of tight shorts and walk around. Since I'm now diapered 24/7 this meant that the buldge of my diapered bottom would be exteremely noticable to anyone who happened to look at me. I made the mistake though of having two bottles of warm when I woke up which I would pay for later. I changed into a fresh diaper and put my shorts on and was ready to head to the mall. I had some time to waste until the mall opened so I sat on the floor and watched Sesame Street until it was time to go.

I didn't think I would need an extra diaper so I didn't pack one. I walked out to the bus stop in my shorts with my diapered bottom buldging. I didn't really pass anyone and was feeling alright about it until I got to the bus stop and there was about four people waiting there. I stood there with them and it wasn't long before one of them took notice of my padded bottom. I could see out of the corner of my eye that all of them were staring at me. Thankfully the bus came and I borded, red faced, as I dropped my money into the box. As my luck would have it, the bus was full! Which meant I had to stand, which also means that I couldn't sit down and hide the bulk of the diaper I was wearing. I could hear snickers and I seen some people motioning to the person beside them to look at me.

I was totally humiliated by the time I got to the mall and I hadn't even done the task yet. I entered the mall and was only just in the door when I felt the urge to wet. I slowly wet my diaper as I made my way to the food court. I got a Coke figuring maybe I wouldn't look as my mind I guess I figured that maybe someone would focus in on the Coke bottle instead of my diapered state. It didn't work. After I ordered my Coke I turned to find everyone in line smiling at me. I smiled back and then noticed that the girls that worked at the restaurant I bought the coke at were all giggling as well.

I walked through the mall browsing various stores and looking at things. I didn't buy anything and while I was walking through the mall I passed by a group of teenage girls who looked like they were skipping school as they still had their uniforms on. They also were laughing at me and I could hear them say things like "Oh my God! That guy's wearing a diaper! Look!". My face was absolute crimson and I wasn't at the mall very long. Remember those two warm bottles of milk? Well all that Coke and milk I drank cought up to me and I had already wet my diaper three times but I wasn't really paying attention and I had forgot to bring extra diapers to change into. I was browsing through a cd store when it happened. I wet my diaper which was already totally soaked from the earlier wettings and it started to leak.

I hurried out of the store and ended up totally flooding my diaper which leaked out and made a noticeable wet mark on my shorts. As if I wasn't humiliated enough, I was at the totally opposite end of the mall and I had no way to get home but to walk through the mall to get to the bus stop located on the other side and ride the bus home with my wet shorts and soggy diaper. Now people were really starting to stare and I tried not to walk to fast not wanting to draw any more attention then I already was. It was like everyone in the mall was laughing at me as I paraded past with my face fire-engine red.

I got outside at the right time and didn't have to wait for a bus as there was one there. I quickly boreded and I stood by the back of the bus. Not wanting to make a mess of the seats with my wet pants and soggy diaper. Plus I knew that if I sat down more would leak out of my diaper. While I was standing there on the bus I was fighting the urge to mess the entire time. I finally couldn't hold it any longer and I ended up messing my diaper on the bus. My diaper buldge was now sagging even more because I had messed and I heard someone say "I think he had an accident" and then as I got off the bus I heard "Oh my God!! He shit himself too!" followed by more laughter.

I walked home from the bus stop feeling totally disgraced and humiliated. I got home and changed into a fresh diaper and my shorts are in the wash right now as I type this. I just hope that Ma'am will be pleased with how much she humiliated me today in public.

I can still feel my face blushing as I type this out. I don't have a mirror here but my face is probably beat red at the moment. But deep down I love it. I love knowing that I did it for Ma'am and I'm hoping that I've pleased her and done well.

-Diaper Boy